Friday Links

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{i have way too much fun on my iPhone.}

links for your Friday:

1. avocado is in its own food group according to my personal food chart. thus, I need this.
2. I love this Valentine card. oh and this one, too.
and for all my fellow nerdy friends, this one. :)
3. neons versus pastels. doesn't this make you excited for spring?
{after 2 years as a brunette, I'm finding inspiration for my next color. ;) }
5. I hear you. I'm craving some beach-time, too.
6. have you seen this Fotoshop by Adobe video? sadly true...
7. In honor of MLK, Jr. Day on Monday.
8. loved the article about Jessie Randall (Loeffler Randall) in this month's Matchbook Mag.
{aren't these Loeffler Randall flats adorable? I keep seeing them everywhere. other colors available!}
9. one of my favorite bloggers (and supplier of my business cards), MadebyGirl, is moving to NYC!
{live near Las Vegas? she's selling some really cute furniture.}
10. I leave you with this. My brother shared this video with me over the holidays. {they can hear the others' parts of the song in the headphones..."cool" doesn't even begin to describe it.}

May you all enjoy your weekend!

I have a special guest arriving tonight! Can't wait...

until next time,