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Guess what? It's time to get ready for Valentine's Day! 

Am I the only one who loves a day about love? 

It certainly seems like it... 

I hate hearing the bitter "I-don't-have-a-significant-other-screw-you-and-your-depressing-Hallmark-holiday" excuse. If you're single, I'm sure you still have family and/or friends and/or pets. And this is the perfect opportunity to show a little extra love to someone in your life. Who knows! Maybe you'll enjoy it and it will inspire you to keep with it and give more love on a regular basis.

I've been needing a good excuse to order something from Knot & Bow on Etsy...ya know, other than the fact that my last name is a homophonic heterograph of heart. (Psh, how's that for alliteration?)

Pictured below are some of their goodies:

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To check out their store, click here.
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p.s. I'm very much looking forward to my sticker delivery. ;)

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