Brightened Things Up!

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Over two years ago, I made the change from blonde to brunette with a one-time color. That was the last time I colored my hair; it was fun embracing my natural dark color and dealing with the maintenance-free styling!

But then it hit me. Maybe it was the winter blues. (Nah it was 60 degrees on Wednesday, who am I kidding? ) Maybe it was sifting through old pictures of my childhood, boarding school, & college and missing my lighter tresses. Maybe I just needed a change. Regardless, I called my boyfriend and declared, "you know? life's too short to not color your hair!"

And so, in a last-minute decision, I had some fun...

I actually only got a few highlights, mainly around my face, but the stylist managed to blend it all pretty well with my natural color. Nothing drastic, but it definitely brightened things up!

And I gotta admit, I sort of feel like myself again. ;)

Where did I go? I went to Sparkle Beauty Studio in the West Village for the first time. Their intimate space is located on one of my favorite streets in the city, Charles Street, and the two owners were just as nice as they could be. They were very professional and very efficient. (Nobody likes to sit there for too long.) It honestly looks and feels like you're in a backstage hair & makeup room on a movie set... I'd highly recommend!

Oh! And if you've picked up the new magazine called "Reality Weekly", you'll see their beauty spreads. Here are a few snapshots:

...they've won me (& my hair) over!
until next time,