Weekend Fun

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Whew, what a week. I can't believe it's already Friday! I'm taking a 3-day weekend to go visit my favorite patient. :) Just so you know, I generally feel like this when I pack. Even when I realize I left a few things at home...(argh!)

We're betting on these questions during the Superbowl. (best part? I might have a chance of winning despite my lack of football knowledge!)

My friend retweeted this and I had to share. It's a letter from an ex-slave to his former owner in 1865 after being asked to return to work. I want to give him my biggest high-five.

You can download a Valentine teabag wrapper template here.

A customizable children's book would be a wonderful gift!

Love this rug.

I hope I get to have a dog and kitty one day again. And I hope they snuggle.

I find everything about this little paper goods store inspiring.

Painting your walls? Here are some pretty "greige" suggestions.

I leave you with something for the other ladies out there - this beautifully written article about friendships among women will leave your eyes watery and your heart full. To my girlfriends out there, I hope you know how much I love you!

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