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What are you up to this weekend? I have a long to-do list to tackle, but I also have a few dates with my girlfriends on the calendar that I'm very much looking forward to. For one date, we're checking out this restaurant I've been meaning to try. I hope it's good!

Oh! And I need to find someone to go see this with me. Otherwise, I'll go by myself and sniffle into my Junior Mints box in the corner. Which is perfectly okay with me.

Some links for you:

I think this is such a sweet gift idea. And I'm so doing it for someone special one day! ;)

I love this mousepad.

Silly kitties.

A heart tray.

Check out this "Love Ever After" project featuring couples who have been married at least 50 years.

How pretty is this iPhone case?

This made me giggle. So true!

A place for dance lessons in NYC.

A stationery subscription where you receive a monthly delivery of new greeting cards from monthly presses & printers? How fun!

Liking that whole subscription idea? Here's one for makeup samples.

A Fleabag clutch/iPad case.

Book your favorite lady an appointment at this magical place in NYC.

A Valentine friendship bracelet tutorial.

A post titled, "Love Links", wouldn't seem right without mentioning the devastating trial going on right now for the death of Yeardley Love at UVA in 2010. I didn't know her firsthand, but know others who did, and my heart aches for all who are involved. You can learn about and contribute to her "One Love" foundation here.

I leave you with this quote:

"To say 'I love you'
one must first know
 how to say the 'I'."
- Ayn Rand in The Fountainhead
*a fan asked Rand to explain that quote
and this is her incredible response.

until next time,