My Little Weekend

updateVirginia Hart2 Comments

{cleaning makeup brushes}

this weekend, I...

  • donated half of my wardrobe.
  • celebrated my dad's & my friend's birthdays.
  • cleaned everything in my vicinity. 
  • grabbed coffee with my old classmate while she was in town. (you know, the amazingly talented calligrapher one!)
  • filed my taxes. 
  • dragged my tush to boot camp. (new trainer is slowly killing me...)
  • booked flights to SFO. (yay!!!)

whew! big smiles. don't get me wrong, i never normally have the time to do all of that. it was a magical weekend, really.

oh, and fat tuesday takes precedence over the current health kick. we're expecting a delivery of twelve pints of ice cream just to make the day more fun. ;)

until next time,