Weekend Links

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happy almost weekend!
...any fun plans?
i will be spending the next couple of days watching basketball
and attempting to turn Peter Pan this guy into a lover of birthdays.

:: links ::

quick guide to understanding your DSLR camera.

um, I think I need a zonkey.

an important reminder that how we spend our time is our choice.


6 items to simplify your life.

it's difficult to accurately fathom how tiny we are compared to the universe. this website helps to put it into perspective. zoom in and out via the bar at the bottom.

a trend I'm loving: double cuffs.

tips on how to start a healthier lifestyle.

i think i need to play around with some neon ink in the letterpress studio. see? instantly makes things fun.

send this to a little lady you want to be your flower girl.

my favorite drinking glasses.

this made me giggle.

let's all take a little break from stressing out about life and watch the live penguin cam, shall we?


until next time,