Birthday Weekend

loveVirginia HartComment
{8. a cake in the bakery's #window}
not as pretty, but my later attempt at homemade birthday love.
guess who forgot to turn off the oven?
that'd be me.
{9. polka-dot #red}
I went to see my new trainer because I literally had this same thought.
And then on my way home, I found the perfect birthday gift!
...but the owner wouldn't let me steal him.
his last night at 25.
I'm someone that obnoxiously counts down to birthdays 
by the hours & minutes.
{10. #loud at the Big East Championship}
{11. #someoneitalkedtotoday}
we played here since it's the only sport I can beat him in. ;)
one last birthday shout-out to my very best friend!
may this year be a great year.

until next time,