New Obsession

calligraphyVirginia HartComment

My new little hobby obsession is trying to learn various styles and techniques of copperplate calligraphy. Copperplate is different from the traditional Western calligraphy style. Instead of using a broad-edged pen where the line of the ink is determined by its angle in relation to the writing surface, copperplate is determined by the pressure applied to the point-tipped pen.

I'm still at the stage of trying out different nibs and inks; I become overjoyed when I'm able to make a few letters in one fluid movement without an ink blob splattering in every direction. Basically, I need months of solitary confinement with all of my supplies so I can practice writing the alphabet over & over & over again in all sorts of formal and funky styles. I've been reading various books and learning about miniscules and ascenders and waist lines and counters...ah! it all makes me so giddy!

I also love watching this guy's videos.
His name is Hamid Ezra Ebrahimi and boy is he talented.

Prepare to be in a mesmerized daze...

...doesn't it look fun?

wish me luck!


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