More March Photos

updateVirginia HartComment
remember how I'm doing this little photo challenge this month? 
 here are pictures 12 - 21! 

12. there are days when all you can do is stand with the fridge door swung open and eat chocolate icing on a fork.
...after a week of coming home to my guy 
sitting at the kitchen counter with a big grin, 
i walked into a quiet...dark...lonely apartment. 
for those of you in long distance relationships, i cheers to you. 
with my chocolate-icing-on-a-fork.

13. quite the sign...?!?

14. absolutely no clouds that day!
i don't know about you, but this weather lately 
has put an extra pep in my step.

15. a Tootsie Pop in the car.
this was from my last road trip in the fall. 
btw, when's the last time you had a Tootsie Pop?
getcha'self one.

16. sunglasses.

17. green on the subway.
I spent St. Patty's Day at the gym, post office, & sifting through calligraphy nibs at the art store.
...and it was glorious.

18. a cornerofmyhome.

19. funny.
don't ever stop being silly.

20. before/after the use of my trusty "puffy the eye bag slayer", ha!

21. this sundae I shared with my Meems was absolutely delicious.
best part? the warm brownie wedged in the bottom of the silver dish.
check out the full sundae dessert menu at The Smith here!

until next time,