Bad Day Turned Good

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I was having one of those days where absolutely nothing was happening like I wanted it to. How so? Well, my computer crashed seven times during the day. So that's how that went. And then I scoured the island of Manhattan looking for a mailbox. Where are those suckers when you need one? I asked a store owner who misheard and directed me to the nearest bottle of Maalox. But another customer insisted there was one on 13th & 3rd. "East side!", she shouted, as I slung my two bags over my shoulder. That's another thing. Why I am always carrying two bags in this city? Was it imperative that I schlep two novels with me to work? Ya know, just in case one drops in the gap between the subway and the platform and I'm stuck underground for a month with nothing to read? And by the way, there was not a mailbox on 13th & 3rd. East or west side. Then I got to the gym 30 minutes early. It was good, though. I needed to decompress. (clearly) But then my trainer showed up 30 minutes late because of subway problems. If you passed Trigonometry, you'll notice I was waiting for an hour. Motivation buzzkill. Onset hunger. Cranky little lady. He had a valid excuse, though, so we proceeded. It was a group session night so there were two other girls plus me. One of the girls made it very clear she didn't want to workout ever, coming up with a different whine routine for each maneuver. If this is any indication of her inspirational enthusiasm, she used the line, "Um, I don't jump." It is honestly a miracle she doesn't have the Asics stripes indented on her forehead from my shoe I didn't lose it.  I left the gym and stopped on the corner above the subway entrance to call my bf. Three minutes into the conversation, I gagged and told him I had to go because a pigeon pooped on my coat sleeve. Ya know, the one I picked up from the cleaners Monday. For the record, this is the second time this has happened. Whatareya tryin' to tell me, life? Huh?

But then I got home and I put down my heavy bags and I returned a phone call to a dear friend. Who asked me to be a Godmother to her beautiful baby boy. I tell you what, that cranky little lady's frown turned right upside down! :) I feel so happy and honored and I just can't stop smiling...

So then I did a little finger doodle on my iPhone:

That's me. The (fairy) Godmother with itty bitty pink shoes.I'm a happy camper again!

...but I still hate pigeons. (-.-)

until next time,