Happy Friday!

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my friend surprised me with this yesterday morning (so sweet, right?) ...and i love it! have you tried any of Bethenny Frankel's other products? you can buy them here.

this neon clutch screams, "hello spring!"

look at these toddlers and their best buds.

loving the whole mint-colored nail craze.

4 things that made me laugh on the same website: thisthis, this & this.

a creative little "dear new york" video by ZARA. speaking of ZARA, these studded sandals are hot.

a list of things that are more likely to happen than you winning tonight's $540 million lotto jackpot. boo.

the look for less: instead of buying these sunglasses, get these!

this DIY project would make for a perfect display at any party. (this would be a genius additon to a party, too!)

what's your favorite eyeliner? my friend swears by this one and now that i have it, i need her to apply it to my face. ha! she's a stylist. and fabulous! (see here.)

i leave you with this quote. i haven't learned this yet, but i have faith that i will!

p.s. send somebody some love this weekend. :)

until next time,