Farewell, March!

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to wrap up this month, here are photos 22 - 31 ::

22. don't mess with the little lady of the sink.
...armless, but feisty.

23. moon.
i finished Catching Fire last weekend and 
am on the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy. 
...and I'm totally reading it as slowly as possible
 because i don't want it to end! 

24. an animal.
oh you know, just a doin' a day's work.

25. breakfast
yup, that kind of morning.

26. a special key someone gave me 5 years ago. ;)

27. my name.

28. this is what prep for trash day looks like in NYC.

29. pink feet.

30. a tiny toy that is supposed to 
bring me good luck in creativity & art.
here's hopin'!

31. and this is where I relax.

if you'd like to participate in April's photo-a-day 
and add a little creative challenge to your month, 
here are the new words for inspiration!
*note the new hashtag format!

until next time,