Recent Inspiration

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i practiced using a new calligraphy nib the other day...
(the inverted colors / bokeh effect are done on my iPhone.)
...and i can't stop writing everything i can think of.

I always start with a sketch for my little lady desktop wallpapers.
{here is april's!}
this month, i was inspired by Lauren Conrad here in this picture.
do you like her Rebecca Minkoff clutch? you can purchase one here.

naturally, i decided to give a copy of the pic to Lauren in person.
idunno, maybe she needs to keep track of her busy calendar 
and could benefit from a quick reference?
...or maybe i'm a giant nerd?

this is my friend, Kate, who went with me to meet L.C. 
she's the best. :)

here she comes!
um, love the shoes.

she talked about her new book, The Fame Game,
(purchase here) and answered various questions from the audience.

beautiful, bright, lovely, & down-to-earth.

in addition to her other series (L.A. Candy), 
she has a book on style (add it to my wishlist.)
& a fun-filled blog. (get your Pinterest boards ready.)
i've also recently enjoyed following her
 Instagrammed African adventure.

Trey Phillips (from Laguna Beach) showed up halfway through &
ran up on the stage to give L.C. a hug. it was pretty darn cute. 
he was very friendly...
even after Kate proceeded to tell him how she cried 
during the episode he leaves Laguna, ha!
(this should explain why we're friends.)


p.s. i gave in and am doing another month of photo-a-day via @fatmumslim.
whatcanisay? it inspires me.

1. #myreflection

2. #colour

3. the best #mail to come home to. :)

4. #someonewhomakesmehappy
(and someone i get to see tomorrow!)

p.p.s. an inspiring quote for your Wednesday.

until next time,