Starting My Weekend Early

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what are you up to this Easter weekend?
yes, that's right. i'm signing off early this week
to take a break from NYC for a long weekend with my guy.
long distant relationships stink most of the time...
i could go on and on about all the difficult things we face
on a day-to-day basis.
but the anticipation before a visit?
feeling the need to apply a last-minute layer of lipstick?
the butterflies in my stomach as I see him and start speed-walking down the airport ramp?
my flushed cheeks and nervousness as I hug him
and remember what it feels like?
it's been nearly seven years,
but i get to relive the excitement of meeting him
over & over & over again.

and i really do love that part.

I wanted to share a few things before I go:

a cute cosmetic bag by virginia johnson.

these puppies are havin' a bad day.

i'm a fan of the sideways cross necklace.

been a while since you've dyed Easter eggs? here are instructions. feeling frisky? check out these trendy neon eggs. and can someone puhlease make these?

i've saved this as a future must-do DIY project. So simple to recreate! Frame it and hang it in your bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms, these are cute chevron bath mats.

a list of everything you need to outfit a cozy guest room.

lavender ballet flats.

the tale of peter rabbit.

my friend just told me about this project called "One Hello World." have you heard of it? it's a collection of voicemails set to music. you can even call the provided number and leave a voicemail. listen to one here.

have a wonderful holiday weekend!

until next time,