April Photos

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a midday pick-me-up.
(i recommend this flavor!)

if you can't decide between red or pink, do something in between. :)
("My Chihuahua Bites" by O.P.I.)

my view on the way to the airport.
my cabbie took me the scenic route & played country music. 
we bonded. 

my first ever batch of deviled eggs! 
my southern-cookin-mama was oh' so proud.

the sign says it all.

my stilts.

my view heading back to the airport. 
it's the little things...

meanwhile, my sister's cat proved that she wasn't just chubbalicious
when baby kitties appeared! :)

neighborhood flowers.

Jane Street flower garden. 

a not-quite-white :: "Baby's Breath" by ESSIE

homemade pizza night!

i'd like to point out that my friend hangs greeting cards with clothespins in her entry way.
and i love it.

i might have spikes on my wrist and holes in my jeans, 
but i've still got glitter on my shoes. ;)

number 5 - 15

5. this #tiny guy was spotted (get it?) jumping around a boutique.

6. tuna melts for #lunch!

7. i was really sneaky and captured the #shadow of the E.B. himself.

8. #insidemywallet (i like a lotta pockets.)

9. sometimes there's nothing better than an ice #cold glass of water.

10. #ayoungerme (this was Easter 15 years ago.)
...gotta love the flannel nightgown.

11. #whereiatebreakfast

12. #stairs down to the dungeons beneath NYC.

13. #somethingifound finally!

14. #howifeeltoday
i originally drew this as a bigger image for someone this weekend, 
but printed some tiny ones to hand out. :)

15. right before the #sunset in Brooklyn.

until next time,