NARS Pink Lipstick

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update! the links don't work anymore.
here's a key:
1. "Venice"
2. "Roman Holiday"
3. "Schiap"
4. "Funny Face"

i've recently attempted to upgrade from my usual chapstick to something a little more sophisticated.
 like lipstick. 
maybe it's memories of watching my mother and sister 
apply it with such concentration.
or maybe it's the feel of it versus Blistex & sticky gloss.
or maybe it's the richness in color.
or maybe it makes me feel older, in a good way.
or maybe it's the little tube with a spin-around-and-up-you-go hello. 

there's something about applying lipstick that's
am i right?

NARS is a favorite of mine 
so i wanted to share some spring-y pink shades. 
(my current favorite is #2, but i'd love to branch out & try 3 or 4! )

what about you? do you have a favorite lipstick?

p.s. celebs in pink lipstick ::

until next time,