Friday Links

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happy friday, loves!
i wanted to share a few links to kickstart your weekend ::
J.Crew has teamed up with Indego Africa! Check out their amazing wrap bracelets.
stop by the Fred Flare pop-up shop in the Chelsea Market if you're in the neighborhood.

is your dog home alone during the day? he/she needs DogTV! also, have you heard of these dog collars? pricey, but fun.

Karen Walker knock-off sunglasses for only $10.99.

my friend swears that these are are the most comfortable flats ever.

i really want to try this NYC restaurant.

a newlywed cookbook.

Alex & Ani have started an MLB bracelet collection.

i can't believe this is Brad Pitt!

wow, this is one of the coolest things in NYC - who knew?!?

i just had to buy this.

3 great repurposing ideas.

a chevron beach bag.

this & that are two great Mother's Day gifts, especially for new mamas. And here are some nice photo gifts, too! Speaking of mothers, have you seen this awesome video?

i leave you with this quote.

until next time,