The Rest of My April Photo-A-Days + More!

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Happy Friday, loves! What are you up to this weekend? I spent last weekend with friends in San Francisco (will be sharing photos!) and I'm spending this weekend with my guy. He drove down for a day two weekends ago and it was such a tease...I'm excited I'll get two days with him this round. It's hard to believe we met seven years ago this very day...pretty sure a hug & a high-five is in order! 

Thanks for bearing with me last week during my brief hiatus from blogging. There are times and events and, unfortunately, tragedies in life that really force you to take a step back and press the pause button to just process and reflect. We get so caught up in the day-to-day and the silly nonsense that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Sometimes it takes the world shaking your shoulders to wake up and gain perspective. Life is throwing me a few more things to juggle as I buckle down for a busier time of to-dos and change and unknown. And, in a weird way, I benefitted from that jolt to my system. I needed it to properly prepare and to realize I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Ya know, even when I begin my week with a broken seat on a redeye flight that doesn't recline and I sleep nada hours. ;) Life is fleeting and precious; we must make sure we appreciate all the pages of the book - even the ones marked with potential worry and stress. So, as I look ahead and notice things like the fact that I have no idea where I'm living this summer (ha), I remind myself that these are all just pages of my book...pages I am so very thankful to have. And hey, who doesn't like a good cliffhanger? :)

Here are the rest of my photo-a-days (via FatMumSlim!) from April. 
I won't be participating in the photos for May,
but I will try & keep up with my picture-taking.
Plus, I still have many to share from the past couple weeks - stay tuned!

16. a flower ring my mom gave me.

17. setting my alarm clock is definitely 
something i don't like.

18. i like hair clips.

19. orange

20. this is something i drew for my friend's charity 
that will help fund scholarships for researching cancer in dogs.

21. look, my water bottle carries a little purse.

22. the last thing i bought = these two basic tanks. 
(can't beat two dollars & eighty cents!)

23. a vegetable i doodled on my iPhone.

24. something i am grateful for.

25. looking down.

26. black & white
(i gave this to my brother-in-law before his mission trip to Africa!)

 27. somewhere i went
that's Colorado down there. :)

28. 1pm at a vineyard in Napa with friends.
doesn't get any better!

29. circle.

30. something that makes me sad
i don't know why, but i find this hymn very sentimental 
and i can't sing it without crying.
and yes, i sang (& cried) that very day.

three friday links ::
this beautiful necklace would make an outfit.

until next time,