A West Coast Adventure

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i visited friends in San Francisco the other weekend 
(my first time there!) 
and had such an amazing time. 
life in NYC can sometimes feel like it's going a mile a minute, but there?
i could breathe a little.
and it felt nice.

thought i'd share a few photos of my little west coast adventure...

when your alarm goes off circa 4am, you travel in slippers. 

Virgin America is lit up pink inside.
they win.

meet Sage & Scooter, the cutest welcoming party there ever was. 

i adore this couple.

well hellooo, Napa Valley.

Silverado Vineyard.

our crew!

Bell Vineyard.

i learned so many things at this stop.
did you know it takes ~ 30lbs of grapes to make one bottle of wine?!!

one of my bf's nicknames is "big guy" so i squealed when i saw this kind.
they sell it here in NYC and i'm determined to find it!
now we just need a "little lady" wine & i think we're set. ;)

Gott's, the most amazing roadside lunch you'll ever have.

i recommend the spicy grilled chicken sandwich & milkshakes!

our last stop was Lava Vine Vineyard.

...had that kind of atmosphere where all the cares in the world 
seemed miles & miles away.

can't beat sing-a-longs.
(especially after however many glasses of wine.)

love these girls.

inside Lava Vine.

 friends in DC recommended Lava Vine and mentioned this particular sign.
i smiled so big when i saw it.

California sunset.

Sage liked me better than Scooter.

down by the Fisherman's Wharf.

see the Golden Gate in the distance?

and then we went down the curviest street. 
hold on tight!

Alcatraz in the distance.

bought a few things that afternoon on a shopping adventure.
(...and this was my favorite find!)

 and then i had to say my goodbyes
and jet back east on a redeye...

"...After all, seasons change.
So do cities.
People come into your life and people go.
But it's comforting to know the ones you love
are always in your heart.
And if you're very lucky, a plane ride away."
-Sex and the City

until next time, san francisco.