A Mid-Week Five

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1. "What is THIS?", my boyfriend asked as we were shuffling around furniture this weekend playing interior decorators. "My sewing machine...", I sheepishly replied. Ya know, the magical box that Santa gifted me in December that I haven't even touched. In my defense, there has been no time! And it lives in the corner by the lamp! Since I have no room to use it! Okay, that's enough excuses for a Wednesday morning. Mimi or Lai, if you're reading this (they're my awesomely talented friends who can sew), I need help. My goal is to learn how to make this. Not any time soon as all those aforementioned excuses are still intact. But sometime this summer? Pretty please?

2. a blog post with good advice for being a fun mom.

3. Do you always fall off the healthy bandwagon when you're either busy or traveling?
(it's hard, right?)
Here are tips for how to make nutritious snacking choices when you're on the go.

4. a cute (& easy!) way to spruce up that pony tail.

5. My wish for you:
when you hear your favorite song,
may you be this enthusiastic.

happy wednesday!

until next time,