Some of Life Lately According to Instagram

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this chickie is all done with grad school!!
this was actually taken a few weeks ago, 
but we were able to celebrate for real on tuesday. 
goodness, i am proud of her.

and this taller gentleman is my nephew! 
wha? when did that happen?
we had been trying to figure out how to squeeze in a quick little visit while 
he was here with his high school's choir group. 
i asked him what street he was on and he texted me a picture of what he saw...
so, like any giddy aunt, i quickly changed out of my gym clothes, 
subway-ed up to Times Square, ran through the crowds, and found him. :)
seeing someone's first reaction to this city is priceless, by the way.

I went to Mermaid Inn's happy hour (great deals!) 
and my fortune-telling fish told me I'm in love.
psh! ;)

speaking of...
this guy showed up at 2AM one night just so we could spend the next day together.
sure did need those laughs & hugs.

these added a little cheer to my desk!
i seriously buried my face in them every 17 minutes. love.

i bought a gift during the friends & family sale at Saks
and was given a GIANT tote bag of free samples. (!!!)
these were all the perfumes they gave me. great for trips!

"Tangerine" by ESSIE.

Mets vs Diamondbacks.

my p.i.c.

had to stop and say "hello!" to my old apartment.
see that window on the second floor on the left side of the fire escape?
there she is...

under my umbrella.
(story of my life this week.)

Avett Brothers at Terminal 5!


and then i had a fun little subway adventure home with these two wackos.
just kidding! i love them.
i can't believe i've known them for like 12, 13 years and here we are...
...all in new yawk citayy.


until next time,