Time with Mom

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I wanted to share a few moments of some time spent with a certain little lady I call "Mom."
before she arrived, i arranged little goodies around the apartment.
what beautiful lilacs, i thought. 
i was so excited that my home smelled like lilacs! 
i decided i loved lilacs!
and then Mom arrived and pointed out that they're hyacinths.
see?? this is one of the many reasons we need mothers around.
they know everything.

outside at Pastis.
hard to believe she's been a mother for 45 years, right?
{friends from college stopped by who were there - loved seeing you Anne & Emily!}

us gals before brunch.

i told her to save room for dessert.
because it's a crime to go to ABC Kitchen and not have the salted caramel sundae!

afterwards, we went and played in her favorite store, Sephora.
i think i need some fake eyelashes. 
don't you?

we saw Priscilla - Queen of the Desert later that afternoon.
and boy was it spectacular.
 the costumes alone were unbelievable!

after regrouping at home, we hit up Anfora in the west village for cocktails. 
we were the only ones inside the bar - a rarity in this city - so we sat and gabbed.

and then we went on a walk by my old apartment...

and! golly, look who we ran into!
this will honestly go down in our little history book as one of my favorite memories ever.
i have never heard my mother's voice go so high as when she was telling Robin Williams how she just watched Mrs. Doubtfire again the other day.
and how great she thinks he is.
and how excited she was.

he was incredibly nice and even wished her a happy mother's day!

oh, and then she called everyone she knew. 

that night, we ate Chinese food and sipped on wine in bed. this has become one of her favorite things to do when she visits. i think it's because she would never do it at home! 
we capped off the night by sitting up and watching the 2-hour Desperate Housewives finale - one of our favorites. (can't believe it's completely over!)

i left work midday yesterday so i could see her during the afternoon.
we shopped, visited two different puppy stores (yes!), and stopped for Magnolia cupcakes.

and then we curled up and watched Father of the Bride on TV. 


thank you so much for visiting, Mom!
i already miss you.

until next time,