I Feel You

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i feel you.

This week has been a little lacking in the sleep department.

My mother's phone rang at 6AM Monday morning notifying her that her school district

was operating on a 2-hour-delay due to flooding,

sounding a vibration so intense that the neighbors across the street must've heard it.

Oh, and that was after she sat up at 1:30AM and shouted,

"the light! what's THAT LIGHT?"

"That's the TV's power button, Mom."

 Tuesday morning, someone rang my doorbell at an ungodly hour (no thank you)

which felt like 37 minutes after I was finally able to shut my mind off and fall asleep.

And then last night I had the most frightening (we're talkin' horror film-esque) nightmare of all time.

I woke up drenched in sweat early this morning attempting to convince myself that it wasn't real.

By the way, that debate always takes me longer than I think it should.

my unyielding imagination > rational thinking

I also totally thought today was Friday. Nightmare numero dos.

P.S. my friend sent me this:

...pretty much sums it all up, doesn't it?

until next time,