5 Years Ago Today...

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...was a very happy day!

 thumbs up!

puffy-eyed from crying all morning.

the guy who made it all possible. my dad.

this one with my mom hangs in a frame in my apartment.

love you girls.

there i am!
you know that guy i'm dating now? he took this picture. 
i'm standing in the spot where we met. :)


it's hard to believe i've been out of college a year longer than i was actually in college.
and it's a tad depressing to realize my last summer vacation was six years ago. wha?!
boy, a lot has certainly happened and changed.
it definitely makes me a little sad to think back and reminisce, 
but it also reminds me that one day i'll be thinking 
the very same thing about my current situation.

 "remember when i was living in new york city with only myself to support?"
 "remember life as a twenty-something?!"
remember when i had that silly blog?"

 as much as i miss college, i am extremely thankful for the past 5 years 
that have taught me invaluable lessons in that big ol' stage of life called
"growing up."

'cause back then?

i was clueless.

and for the record, i still am.

until next time,