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lately, i have tried my hardest to conceal the tiny-little-crazy-person
living inside me that is stressed to the T.J.Maxx.

she needs to go away already.

for real, yo.

so! in an effort to ignore said tiny-little-crazy-person
and dismiss her myriad of asinine and ludicrous concerns,
let's take a second and focus on some happy things - shall we?!

lately, i'm into accessories that require a second glance.

lately, i've been appreciating what naturally happens on my calligraphy scratch sheet.
(a scratch sheet is a piece of paper you use to dab excess ink off of your pen's nib.)

lately, i've had fun representing love for my alma mater.
and conveniently enough, my name! ;) 

lately, i've enjoyed living so close to the water.
(and the Chelsea Market, the Highline, and the boats!)

lately, i can't get enough fruit. yum.

and lately, this fella has made me smile nonstop.
even when he's 250 miles away.

hope you can take a second from your own stress to appreciate your happy things, too!

until next time,