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what's on tap for your weekend?

i'm catching up with a friend over dinner 
(which will take about 47 years because we have so much to discuss), 
i'm going to another friend's birthday party
(and am bringing Skinnygirl Pina Colada - have you tried it? i'm curious.), 
working on projects, crossing off some to-dos,
 welcoming a special visitor Saturday night! 
you know that bearded man I talked about earlier this week? 
him. :) 
it's been a month since our last visit so i'm extra giddy.
oh, and we might check out the Big Apple BBQ

please keep your fingers crossed that my landlord calls me ASAP
 and doesn't hate me for stalking their office,
but my apartment decision hinges on what they're going to tell me. 
so that's pretty huge...

...ring, phone, ring.

also, someone asked me recently to describe Instagram
and I said it's basically like a big game of show-and-tell. 
and i loved show-and-tell.
my first ever show-and-tell?
i brought Charlie.

Charlie was my 120lb Rottweiler. that explains it.
(my infatuation with sharing, that is.)

pssst, here are some of my happy moments lately ::

= delicious.
that's my guy friend over there who's all super healthy now.
it's a good thing i'm around to occasionally make him eat junk.
somebodaaay's shower invitations will be going out shortly! ;)
also delicious.
(but freakishly green.)
can't wait to read this bad boy that arrived yesterday.
do any of you read this magazine, too?
last night.
the Manhattan skies have been beautiful lately, yes?

p.s. three of my favorite posts from other bloggers this week:
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wishing you a giggle-filled weekend.


until next time,