Little Lady's Purse Essentials

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carmex :: there's absolutely nothing fancy about it, but this is my go-to lip balm. purchase here.

pocket.doc :: i think everyone needs this in their purse or wallet. it's the size of a credit card and it opens like an accordion with room for your emergency & medical information as well as important numbers. you never know what's going to happen and something like this can help someone help you. puchase here.

hair ties :: as a girl with long hair, it is a nightmare to need a hair tie and not have one handy.  my personal favorites (that act as cute bracelets if you don't want to store them in your purse) are from Mane Message (they're secure, but don't leave a dent!) and can be purchased here.

hand creme :: i can't stand having dry skin so hand creme is a must. I love the scent & feel of Lollia and the petite size is perfect for your purse. purchase here.

tide stick :: even if you're not as clumsy as the little lady, you might find yourself in a spaghetti sauce / white shirt predicament and you'll thank your lucky stars that you picked up one of these bad boys at the drugstore. purchase here.

I have many more essentials stuck in that giant purse of mine,
 but these are some favorites. 
How about you? What are your purse essentials?

until next time,