Happy Birthday To...

familyVirginia Hart1 Comment

...this beautiful little lady who turns 19 today! 

she's the eldest of my ten nieces & nephews
and the only one of them who might read my posts,
so i decided to make a special list for her on the blog today.
'cause see? she acquired an obsession with lists. (sorry, girl - it's a gene.)
and so lauren, here are your birthday to-dos ::

ask your mom for an extra hug (from me).
dance around your room.
wear something fancy.
crank up the music.
paint your nails.
smell a flower.
eat chocolate.


oh, and start this day (and every day of 19) just like this ::

wishing you a day of sparkles & chevron & peppermint patties. 

love you!

until next time,