Summa-time Rain Boots

fashionVirginia HartComment
lately on the island,
it's looked a lot like this.

i'm not talking about the Lego-looking edifice, 
but instead the dreary ominous ima-gonna-get-youuu sky.

just last night, we were caught in a downpour 
and running from a furniture store to the nearest wine shop. 
heh. that right there says everything there is to say. ;)

but anyways, i got to thinking about my rain boots.
even though last night i was wearing flimsy flats...ahem!
because lately, despite the rain, i just never think to wear them.
they're cumbersome.
and heavy.
and hot.
and sticky.

alas, i think i need some summa-time rain boots.
so i did a little searching...

...and voila!

simple, chic, and they would get the job done.
ya know, without sticking to your calves like giant suction cups.

the black pair is from here and the neon yellow pair is from here.

whatdaya think? you like?

until next time,