A Little Bit of Lately

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  when i ask my trainer while heaving my lungs out 
as i'm curled into the fetal position on the gym floor, 
"whatareya trying to kill me?" 
he responds with a big ol' grin and, "YEP!"
so on saturday when he checked my body fat percentage and told me
i'm down 4.5% pts since the end of april, he & I were pretty pumped.
after all the grueling hours, this little lady finally has a wee bit of muscle mass.
so i did what seemed right to celebrate.
i bought new workout pants.
happy & colorful ones!
(the neon yellow ones are blinding like a highlighter, but i dig it.)

every time i walk past what seems to be a professional and serious photo shoot, 
i am forced to suppress my immature side that is just 
dy-ing to run up and give the model bunny ears.

view from the High Line.
i feel like this image should be an illustration inside a children's book.

a walk with the big guy.

well ain't that the truth.

dinner outside at Coffee Shop.

 a guy is a keeper who steps out of the apartment and brings you back
 a peppermint patty & peanut butter from the bodega. 
this has been my favorite dessert since the summer of 1992 
and i just don't see it changing. don't knock it til you try it. ;)

i do, i do, i do!

until next time,