Snapshots from the Weekend

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a postcard image from the Prada & Schiaparelli exhibit at the Met.

the presentation that depicted the striking similarities 
between the two Italian designers reminded me a great deal
 of Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty - which i honestly loved. 
I didn't particularly love this exhibit, but I definitely enjoyed it...
 ...and would definitely still recommend!

the highlight of our little Met adventure was going to the rooftop 
to check out the "Cloud City" climbable exhibit.


the view.

and then this was taken on our walk to get fro-yo at 16 Handles.  :)
(if you squint you can see my office!)


and then on Sunday, I celebrated my dad!
i think i've shared this image before (sorry), but i blew it up as part of his gift.
we were 5 & 41 there. 
and i was the flower girl of my brother's wedding.
come to think of it, i still have that headband of faux flowers!

now we're 26 & 62.
or as my dad likes to say, "if I stand on my head we're the same age!"

we had brunch, went on a walk, & i took him shoppin' for new kicks. :)

and i actually saw this the night i went to the Met...
sidenote: apparently there's a mysterious man who writes it all over the UES
which makes me think i need to become the West village / Chelsea mysterious sidewalk chalk girl.
...but it fits right in here at the end. 
it's the exact goal my dad has always pushed me to follow.
and for that alone, i am forever and always grateful.

happy belated father's day to all the father figures out there!
we appreciate all of your encouragement much, much more than you know.

until next time,