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Folks, my apartment decision is finally official! (hallelujah!)

As Carrie Bradshaw once said, "finding the perfect apartment in New York City is like finding the perfect mate." There are so many things to consider - what borough, brownstone versus high rise, walkup versus doorman, floor level, layout, size of rooms, age of appliances, storage space, neighborhood, the superintendent / landlord management, distance from the nearest subway, length of commute to work, proximity to life's essentials, and last but not least - price!

I saw one apartment that was nice minus the fact that it had a mini-fridge - you know the kind you had in your college dorm room your freshman year that you wouldn't mind forgetting? At least that was better than an apartment setup I saw a few years ago that required you to put your feet inside the bathtub if you were sitting on the commode...

Another? No stove. None at all. "The little lady cooks on her stove all the time!" said no one ever. But still, I'm an "adult." For heaven's sake, I can't be the girl without a stove!

Some apartments require first month's and last month's rent for security plus up to a 15% broker fee - to which I quickly say uh-yeah-no-thanks. At the end of the day, it really comes down to $ and how much you're really willing to fork over. According to this article from earlier this month, rent in Manhattan has hit record highs; the affordable vacancies are seriously slim pickins. I kept hearing different statistics and opinions that said, "if you're happy where you are - don't move!"

I actually looked at a couple available apartments in my building, but alas, their extra space did not equal five flights of stairs and an arm & a leg more a month.

So, long story (and a long few months) short, I am staying put. I honestly couldn't find anything I loved more than where I live now. Am I disappointed? A little bit. Of course I loved the idea of starting completely fresh with a brand new place. I longed (and still do) for a living room and a coffee table and maybe even a pantry. One day, I think. On the bright side, I am honestly relieved. I don't have to deal with the headache of moving ('cause Lord knows I don't have time for that right now) and paying some ridiculous amount in order to do so. Plus! I'm still over-the-moon, hands-in-the-air excited.
Why?!! Because that's not the only news...

Not only am I staying put, but I'm getting a roommate!

I suppose it's time he have a name on here. :)
Please meet Patrick ::

After what feels like a century of doing the long distance dance, we are finally going to be able to see each other every day. I haven't even allowed myself to fully accept that this is all happening since it doesn't even seem real! Thinking back to everything we've been through to get to this point, seen in my mind like one big fast forward of page after page of highs and lows, honestly leaves me in teary disbelief. His length of stay is still TBD, depending on his injury rehab and career, but we know we should have at least the summer together. :)

I'm sorry if this is TMI on the sappy meter, but in the course of our history, we have had countless "dream dates." A dream date is when one person says "let's go to Maui" or "let's go camping" and you end your phone call by saying you'll meet the other one there in your dreams. That's all you get. A make-believe notion of spending time with that person...a statement that gives you a glimmer of something to look forward to with hopes of ending the phone call with a smile. 

Compared to the smile I have now at the thought of real-life dates, whenever I want? Lemme tell puts that old smile to shame.

I'm excited, too.

I know - you're probably like,
"Back.the.bus.up. How are you going to fit in your apartment?"
More on that soon. :)

until next time,