A Wedding Down South

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off we go!

don't you love her 'do?
(she takes two pigtail braids and wraps it around and pins it with bobbys!)

thaz right. the best sweet tea there is!

hello, sunshine. 
even with SPF 45 (imma ghost), i still managed to get a little color.

our form of transportation for the weekend.
gotta love the hat.

some amazing pina colada concoction at Coast.

met up with the girls after the rehearsal!

"AHHH! you're going to be a Mrs. tomorrow!"

headed to the ceremony.

the gorgeous reception at her house.

making their entrance as husband & wife.

first dance. (on the floor over the pool!)
isn't the bride absolutely stunning?!

"what can make me feel this way? 
my girl, my girl, my girl,
talkin' bout myyyy girl...
my girl!"

too cute for words.

the groom surprised her with their honeymoon... :)
can't wait to hear where they went!

...and now i'm back!
(taken from my cab)

not gonna lie, it was pretty tough coming home after all the fun...i'm so thankful i was able to go in the first place. there comes a time when it becomes very difficult for old friends to be together at the same time. distance, careers, relationships, children, life all inevitably become obstacles to what once felt like endless time together. and so the airport adventures, spending way too long finding the best country radio station for your road trip, makeup "how-tos" in your hotel room, honest and sincere talks, tears filling your eyes the moment you see your friend in her wedding dress, jumping to Shout on the dance floor, possibly attempting to go through a fast food drive-thru with no car... :), and extra long hugs goodbye - they're all little moments you deeply cherish. i like to think that you can spot a good, real friend by the simple fact that no matter the time lapse since your last visit, you immediately fall back right where you left off...giggling and hugging and chatting and asking and making sure that your friend is happy. and being overwhelmed with joy when you do.

cheers to an amazing weekend, one of the prettiest weddings i could imagine, one of the happiest brides i ever did see, and to old friends. 


until next time,