Happy Weekend!

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my new go-to neon pink!
"Collide", by Illamasqua

 a stack of shower invitations for a special bride-to-be!
i love weddings.
some people say that and don't really mean it, but i really, really do.
in fact - if i could be a wedding fairy, i would. :)

my friend texted me this one morning.
who needs a yoga studio if you have Times Square?!

well these are the perfect little sticky-notes, now aren't they?
(my whole family calls me Gin.)

i hardly ever drink anything other than water, milk, tea, bourbon, and coffee - 
but recently i've added this little magic water to my repertoire.
i drink it in lieu of sports drinks or even as a way to, ahem, get over a late night.
one thing i will say is that i only like it if it's really cold (great in smoothies!) 
and half of a bottle is a sufficient boost.
it's 95% water, all natural, gluten free, packed with potassium, electrolytes, & antioxidants. and did you know that in developing countries, coconut water has been used as an intravenous hydration fluid when medical saline was unavailable? crazy. here's someone else's opinion on it who sounds a lot more health conscious than the little lady. ;)

i heart new york.
goodness, i have been loving the summer sunsets lately.

came home last night to discover a freshly paved street!
(i can't get over how clean it looks...)

i'm a huge fan of Joanna Goddard
 so getting this notification made me squeal!


i'm gearing up for lots of fun projects and to-dos to tackle this weekend. not to mention, it's my last weekend in my humble abode alone for who-knows-how-long. and as excited as i am to be welcoming the boy to NYC, i will admit that previous statement makes me a little sad. maybe you think that makes me crazy or mean or weird, but i'm just being honest. i have no idea what the future chapters hold, but this one? the one that i feel like i might be closing the door on? the one where i open my apartment door every night for three years to a home that's silent except for my thoughts?  the one where i've learned how to use a power drill on a step ladder with my handy dandy tool belt? the one that's taught me just how fun it can be to go to a movie alone?  it's been the most important chapter thus far and i wouldn't trade it for the world. in an effort to soak it all up, i plan on watching a Nora Ephron romantic comedy and doing a face mask while i don't have to worry about frightening anybody. :) i'm going to hunker down and just hang out with lil ol' me. while also somehow preparing the apartment for the storm that's about to hit. ;) wishing you all a wonderful weekend. get some you-time, okay?

p.s. some things i want you to see ::

this made me squeal.

wouldn't these be fun for your 4th of July? 

the cutest little stop motion pregnancy video.

speaking of kiddies, can you imagine having this in your house? amazing!

do this, this weekend.

my niece posted this song below & i had to share.

until next time,