Long Weekend

illustrationVirginia HartComment
a recent commissioned illustration.
 I call it, "Feeding the Ducks." 

I won't be sharing my next big project in the queue as it's for another fabulous bride-to-be's wedding ;), but I sure am tickled about it. I wish I could express just how rewarding these little creative ventures are. I watched P.S. I Love You recently (a total sobfest! Why didn't I learn my lesson the first ten viewings?!), and Hilary Swank's character quotes William Blake with " business is to create." People often ask me to describe what kind of "artist" I am and I typically begin to stutter trying to sum up my various projects, techniques, mediums, and interests. But thanks to Blake and Hilary, I think I've found my answer! :)

I'm signing off early this week for a 5-day weekend. Time for a little fun and then time for that whole moving-the-boyfriend-to-Manhattan thing. And ya know, purchasing-and-assembling-furniture-that-comes-in-2000-pieces thing. I have a teeny tiny eensy weensy inkling that I'm going to need some extra patience this weekend. (shhhh! pray we don't kill each other!) But as they say, "it's not the destination, it's the journey." And boy, do I sense a big adventure in our journey...

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Have a wonderful & safe 4th of July.
I'll be back soon.


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