The Past Week

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yup. sometimes you just have-ta.

Essie's "Clambake" = summer staple.

apples & cherries make a great little snack.

look who it is!

you gotta love when your flight lands more than 30 minutes early.

it's taken years for me to figure out this little helpful hint, but when

flying out of NYC, fly as early as possible. trust me.

suit shoppin'.

p.s. men sizes are weird, no?

summer fun with patrick & his sisters.

have you ever seen prettier freckles? me neither!


watching the fireworks.

btw, did you hear about San Diego's firework show

accidentally going off all at once? oops!

(watch here.)

moving day!

patrick & his youngest brother = my moving pawtnuhs

i just now figured out their obsession with saying "mountain dew" all weekend.

 have you seen this skit with jimmy fallon and channing tatum?

if not, it will make your day.

well hello.

we might have reenacted the end of this commercial

while driving over the Brooklyn Bridge. :)

shopping at IKEA is overwhelming...

it's also apparently a task that is rather difficult for couples.

(exhibit A & B)

we could have been exhibit C, but we didn't have the camera rolling. ;)

ready, set, build!

and eventually...

after all the heavy lifting

and power drilling

and reading instructions incorrectly

and accidentally hitting my fingers with the hammer,

this is what i craved.

rainbow sherbet & water. lots & lots of water.

it was a tiring but successful few days. and even though there is still a lot to be done around the apartment before it is complete, it already feels like a brand new home. and boy do i love it... after we get the last few pieces, i will try and share some photos of the new setup. in the meantime, i am shrugging my shoulders at the untidy piles and smiling about our first Wednesday sushi dinner date tonight. the mess can wait. :)

"All great changes are preceded by chaos." - Deepak Chopra

until next time,