Awkward Moments

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some fabulously awkward moments from the weekend ::

I headed home on Friday to discover Patrick scraped & bruised. He attempted to jump over a chain during a run, tripped instead, and fell flat on his face and already injured shoulder. He was honestly hurt pretty bad and I felt terrible for him. However, the silver lining for us normal folk? Professional athletes trip, too.

Speaking of non-athletic types... I was greeted by a promotional team on Saturday with my trainer and they proceeded to film me, from every angle (!), while I worked out for an hour. There are few things in life more disturbing than the image of oneself doing the ever-so-lovely exercise procedure called a burpee. And now. That image. Is on video.

Patrick literally ran into Kaela Humphries as we walked down our stoop stairs that night. Perhaps I shouldn't be able to recognize Kim Kardashian's ex-husband's 5'11 sister, buuuut I do. Also, Scott Disick made Patrick giggle when he was watching their show. He wouldn't tell you that - but I heard him - I did. In other celebrity news, Katie Holmes & Suri have moved to our hood. I really, really think she & I could be bffs. I'm talking about Suri.

Hanging shelves with two people on the step ladder at the same time equals more giggles than productivity. Alas, that was the only way we were capable of getting those suckers up there. It still took us four times longer than a normal human being with non-floral-painted tools, but that just means we're extra proud. And we have prettier tools than you.

"Are you Ginny's boyfriend? I recognize you from her blog." Well that was a first. ;)

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