Link Time!

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Happy little Friday! my mom likes to say.

here are a few links I wanted to share ::
*also, sincere apologies if I ever share things twice. I forget. :)

a New York pillow.

i could stare at this for days.

a great gift for any fella.

do you know how to perform dog CPR?

i'm liking this girl's hair length.

am i the only excited for the Anna Karenina movie?

a 6-year-old who applied for a job.

3 pretty lampshades: 12, 3

74 reasons why Kristen Stewart really messed up.

i'm envious of this baby elephant.

are you taking pics outside and worried about your heels sinking in the ground and getting dirty? try these.

speaking of shoes, i'm coveting these. (here is blair eadie wearing them!)

and, finally, my new mantra.

until next time,