Have a Fabulous Weekend!

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what are you up to this weekend?

watching the Olympics? sounds like NBC's delayed coverage of the event will start at 5:30pm ET with opening ceremonies starting at 7:00pm ET tonight if you're interested. oh, and click here to see the USA swimming team having a little fun. :) we're continuing our apartment "renovation" this weekend and wrapping up various projects. we also might be taking a little day trip on Sunday to spend some time in the sun. (yay!)

before i bid farewell, here are a few recent moments I wanted to share ::

our dear friends sent us the sweetest gift from California!
(remember this trip when we found it?)
we've finished the white and are saving the red for a special occasion.
since it was our first bottle of wine in the "new" place, we decided
it was a good time to start saving corks. :)

he's hot and i'm cold.

my girl!

so many favorite people all in one night makes for a very happy little lady.

the ladies.

i used to have this writing & drawing sore 24/7 as a kid.
and it's back.
and it makes me smile.

a good reminder.

always wear a little love.

things got a little dizzy.

added a few highlights! 

i was sick earlier this week (boo!), 
but i came home and Patrick made me spaghetti.
and he slid on his socks into the main room from the kitchen to check on me 
between stirs. trust me, i've had a few moments lately when i've wanted
to wring. his. neck. (as i'm sure he has, too. ahem!) and there's been plenty of times when this whole sharing-a-shoebox thing is just beyond ridiculous. 
but that simple gesture of spaghetti night? 
at the end of a crummy day? 
it sure was sweet. 
and i sure am thankful he's here.

as we embark on our separate little weekends, 
let us all remember to cherish the little things.

because those little things?
pssst, they are the best things.

until next time,