Later, Alligator!

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i'm heading off for a long weekend to celebrate
a very special bride-to-be! 

i'm so excited, i can hardly sit still.
not gonna lie, though, the second we get on the bus?
it's nap time.
gotta rest up for all the fun in store! :)

before i go, here are a few bits of my week :: 

spikes & studs.

The Gaggle event at Henri Bendel.
(here I am with the fabulous author, Jessica Massa!)
I'm SO excited to read it. Buy your copy here!

do cake balls and skinnygirl margaritas suffice as a healthy dinner? ;)
also, so very cool to see my dear friend's name in the book.

girlfriends + designer sunglasses = inevitable dress-up playtime.

i have been wanting a pair of short rain boots since here,
and i stumbled upon these over the weekend at Loehmann's.
aren't they fun? they sure came in handy yesterday.
(pssst, a friend told me they're on ideeli today!)

have an amazing weekend, folks!

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