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I mean, I suppose I might be a tiny bit frazzled today.

(twiddling thumbs)

Ok fine! I'm a hot mess.

...kind of like the other day when Patrick captured this beautiful image of me wrapping presents.

"Where the heck did I put the tape??"

I promise to be more human-ish manana.

Speaking of things that are not human,

remember these little pets?


Kermit made a run for it.

He jumped out of his tank over the weekend and hippity hopped as far as he could,

and then he died behind a filing cabinet where my co-worker found him.

She said a prayer before she flushed him in the girls' bathroom so I guess that's a plus.

It sort of reminds me of a sequel to Finding Nemo.

'cept Kermit would be named Theodore or Eugene

or Gilbert or Perseus or Myron or Barnaby or Claud.

And, ya know, he would have made it farther than the filing cabinet.

Hope you're not hot-messy-like.

And hope your day didn't involve an amphibian carcass.


until next time,