Last Night

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Last night, we met up on the Upper West Side
and saw Celeste and Jesse Forever, a flick Patrick heard about.
Trust me, he's not normally the one saying,
"Heavens to Betsy, let's go see a rom-com!" 
But it was really great. And so funny.
There was even an Ikea-dresser-building scene. ;)
I mean, you just can't go wrong with Andy Samberg & Rashida Jones.

watch the trailer here ::

then we hit up an ice cream truck.
imagine a world without rainbow sprinkles.
terrible, right? we sure are lucky.

also, we stumbled into this store and someone needs to remind me to go back.
there were chevron pillows and trinkets and stationery and gift ideas galore.
by the way, i should just go ahead and steal their website's favicon already.

also also, while i still have you here for this little session of show & tell,
we have a few new favorite songs. we've been finding (as in hearing 5 seconds of a catchy song on a commercial and spending an hour trying to figure out the name) and sharing music for years now. so basically, our iTunes libraries have remained the same since 2005. you might have different taste in music, but in case you don't and in case you need some new tunes for your commutes/workouts/life, check out these ~

ho hey :: the lumineers
whistle :: flo rida (my trainer loves this one)
i will wait :: mumford & sons
live like a warrior :: matisyahu
sunshine :: matisyahu
and last but not least, the entire "continued silence" imagine dragons CD*
*imagine dragons are playing in NYC on Sept 7th and we just might have to go! ;)

until next time,