Happy Weekend!

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I hope you all are excited for the weekend! It's been a rough 24 hours over here with a sick roommate... keep your fingers crossed that all is better soon. Before I get back to playing nurse, I wanted to share a few links!

getting my new york face on before leaving my apartment.
everyone who is a parent or will one day be a parent should read this article.
i'm digging this look for fall.
this would make for a great anniversary present or number oriented gift.
i want to hug these preciousΒ disabled doggies.
what does your signature look like? mine has evolved over the years.
when Dr. Seus worked in advertising.
homemade Almond Joys.
a handy gift for a momma-to-be. (or you could even DIY it)
bye!Β :)

ps! [update] i had to share this incredible advice i saw featured on Cup of Jo.

until next time,