Photo Roundup!

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some recent moments captured :: 

 bridal shower & bachelorette festivities with amazing ladies
to celebrate a very dear friend (who also happens to be patrick's sister!)

(50 days til the big day! yay!)

the bus ride home and Patrick brought me back a peppermint pattie
 from the rest stop. he knows. ;)
a friend sent me this button from a museum event,
and it's the coolest button I've ever seen.
 a surprise package from my mom with a dress and that note. 
(a total day-maker, that one!)
sunset reflection.
pink shoes.

"Petal Pink" by Essie.
Patrick doesn't like strawberries [GASP!] and I'm determined to change that.
speaking of him... 
(I can't even handle the knee dimples.)

and a quote for your Thursday...

until next time,