The Look for Less Tuesday

fashionVirginia HartComment
With all the new fall clothes & accessories flooding your favorite stores, it can be easy to get a little carried away. I'm all for seasonal closet updates and splurging on certain pieces - like a new winter coat - but some items? They just aren't worth the splurge. Make sure you can't get almost the exact same thing for a whole lot less. You might even find that you like the cheaper option better! 

:: studded loafers ::

FROM // $325

FROM // $79.99

:: sheer polka-dot blouse ::

FROM // $69.00

FROM // $15.80

:: gold link bracelet ::

FROM // $88.00

FROM // $10.00

:: white box-cut tee ::

FROM // $95.00

FROM // $15

:: silver glitter pumps ::

FROM // $365

FROM // $39.99

p.s. my mom always taught me that when you buy a new piece of clothing, it's time to pick one out to donate/give away...such a great little tip for closet updates to keep that quantity in check. you know you haven't worn that going-out top since college - and no, you won't ever wish you still had it - so just get rid of it already, mkay? 

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