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It's been a sad Friday here in Manhattan with the shooting outside of the Empire State Building. Oh how I wish the violence would stop. I'm sending uplifting thoughts & prayers to the victims and their loved ones as they deal with their distress. Here is a post I prepared for today -- may it give you something light and happy to read in a world full of terrible and hate. xoxo, the little lady

Any fun plans this weekend? We're off to a wedding! I have a feeling Patrick is going to use his whole appendectomy-wounds-excuse as a reason to stay off the dance floor, but fingers crossed I can change his mind. :)

some links for you ::

Can I hug him?

Patrick & I giggled so hard while listening to these two girls explain the worst haircut.

a quote to live by.

Can someone puhleeease make their child wear one of these on Halloween?

neat hairstyle.


Ooo! This would be a pretty nail color for the fall.

...when i saw the nakey pics of Prince Harry.

What a cute & comfy looking bed!

Not to set you into a panic, but Christmas is 4 months from Saturday. If you're thinking of a meaningful gift that might take a little extra time to execute, I'd recommend checking out the photo gifts at Pinhole Press.

My friend wears this temporary tattoo - isn't it funny?

homemade oatmeal cream pies - yum!

and some pics of my week ::

saw these cuties on the Upper East Side.
i want to squeeze that grey foot so bad.

matchy, matchy.

whatever you do, never pass up a gumball machine.

brunch date with SGS!
(highly recommend the restaurant.)

gift shopping :)

the calculator at D.A.S.H. (owned by the Kardashians)
at first I was like, "really?! they would."
and then I was like, "ok, fine! I wish I had one."

this was a high moment.
i came home thinking Patrick was upstairs, 
and I decided to sit on my stoop for a couple minutes
to enjoy the beautiful weather and the neighborhood pups.
...and then I spotted the big guy walking down the street with these. 

and, well, this was a low moment.
my trainer was appalled by how poorly I punched so I had to 
spend an hour learning how to fight... aside from crawling out of the gym and
walking with a limp the following day, I also lost feeling in my right pinky.
so here I am with my hand in ice water (um, torture!) which did 
absolutely nothing to help. 
(still sore - but my pinky works - so we're good.)

who needs an iron when you have this?

found this card in my favorite stationery store in Grand Central.
it also made me start singing "peanut butter jelly time!" in my head.
Melz, if you're reading this, you would know. ;)


Citi Field.

love him.

on our fridge.

"Planks a Lot" by O.P.I.

an artistic response to my photo? 
nah, that's my brother teasing me through Instagram.

have a fun & safe weekend!


until next time,