Pics of the Week

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Patrick's little sister - and my favorite running partner. :)
She talks to me the entire time (while I'm dying panting) 
and keeps me distracted. 

a few gussied-up pics with Patrick and some of his fam:


As all good nights do, 
this particular evening ended with a giggle fit.

listen here:

In case you couldn't hear my laugh, I'm fairly certain your dog did.

Patrick & I baked this cake recipe for his mom's birthday!
Ok fine.
I cracked the eggs and licked the bowl,
thus providing very important emotional support.

This was the view from our 6AM flight.
I wish I could point and "ha-ha" and say, "never again!"
but I'm the crazy little lady with another 6AM-er next week. 
(hand slap to the forehead)

Mat Kearney (which I now know, after years of pronouncing it incorrectly, is "Kar-ney")
and Train concert at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. 
I bought these tickets as a surprise when Patrick told me 
his master plan of moving here.
And it's really hard for me to believe that the date has now past. 
I wish things would just slow down already. 

p.s. Train played "Meet Virginia" which totally made my week.

p.p.s. Did you know that the lead singer of Train met his wife at one of his concerts? He saw her in the audience and asked management to get her. 
Stories like that make me smile so big!

p.p.p.s. moments from this week for which 
I do not have photographic evidence:

We cleaned the vent thingy on the front of the air conditioner 
(for the first time in its 3 years of life) and now it works so much better!
Funny how that works like that...

Patrick doesn't bend or lean when he spits out his toothpaste,
an incomprehensible phenomenon that makes me twitch with annoyance.
It just falls, out of his mouth, from like 30 feet in the air, into the sink.
And on the side of the sink.
And on the faucet.
And on the knobs right next to the faucet.
And all over the mirror.

My legs are covered in GIANT bug bite welts from the concert. 
(We all know how that goes...) 
I actually do have a photo of them, 
but it's too risque grotesque to show on here. 
I texted it to my mom and she replied,
"OMG! You are a mess."

Good thing she gets to see her little hot mess...


until next time,