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Any fun Labor Day weekend plans??

I am off to the beach! 
Oh, vacation, you are finally here. 

My sister was supposed to come with, but can no longer make it - so it's just my cute mom & moi for 5 nights and 4 full days in the sun. I also get to see one of my girlfriends which I'm very excited about. :) I plan on soaking up the last little drops of summer, with hopes that I can carry that calming rejuvenation with me for the rest of this year. Busy fall and winter, I know you're ahead, but right now? Right now, it's about scooping  up sand and letting it trickle out of my hand, and being completely entertained by that activity. 

what else is on our agenda?

eat Dairy Queen blizzards.
take long walks on the beach.
hit up our favorite seafood restaurants.
drink pina coladas by the pool starting at noon.
play dress up and exchange half the clothes we bring.
watch Gone with the Wind (I've never seen it!)
stay up past our bedtime, telling stories.
explore, shop, frolic, giggle.

a little glimpse into some of my vacay essentials :: the way, that MZ Wallace large metro tote has turned out to be one of my best purchases. I take it on every. single. trip. It's so light and I love all the bag inserts. And I feel like I could run over it with a car and it would still be in tact. I don't like luggage I have to worry about, you know? They come in multiple colors now - take a look here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Do me a favor and soak up some summer to carry with you, too, ok?


until next time,