Beach Trip with Mom

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Well, we started the trip by pointing and squealing and hugging and laughing... the fact that we showed up at the airport wearing the exact same outfit.


I didn't waste any time parking myself by this cute little tiny palm tree.

We spent the day being silly and drinking pina coladas and
wearing matching horn bracelets I brought as a surprise. 
(I toldja the matching thing is typical...)

We passed through the seven levels of the lighted palm tree forest,
through the sea of swirly twirly skateboarders,

to, ya know, the best place on earth.

She was pregnant with me the summer of '85 when DQ
released their blizzards and thus, ate one every single day.
So basically I'm made of them.

And then I saw this and almost bought it for Patrick.

The first night I was away, Patrick called and asked,
" would one get chocolate ice cream out of the couch?"


And then the next day he called to tell me that he accidentally broke 
the tiny white & green polka dot bowl while washing dishes.
"Wait, you broke my favorite bowl??" / "I'm sorry..." / "You're a mess." / "I know."

So yes, he needs the t-shirt. Crazy man.

Speaking of crazy, I apparently struggle with the concept of 
evenly distributing sunscreen. oops.

How we spent our afternoons.

We shared lots of nibbly food - the best kind of food, in my opinion.


And then I spent a morning with this adorable friend!

Loved seeing you, lady.

We watched fireworks over the ocean from our balcony.

And tried "electric lemonade" which was surprisingly dee-lish.

And then it was time for our last night...

I sure do love her.

My mom's first Instagram upload all by herself. 
Yep - that's right - I introduced her to Instagram and edamame this weekend,
and she introduced me to Gone With the Wind. We watched all four hours
over the course of a few nights snuggled up to my computer. :)
Prissy, played by Butterfly McQueen (is that great name or what),
was my favorite.

Oh, and back to the edamame introduction - I couldn't figure out where
my mother was putting her shells until it was too late. She ate them! :P

And then we said goodbye to summer the best way we knew how.

I will miss the summer warmth dearly.
But not as much as I will miss my mom.
If there was one thing I could change about my life,
it would be to have the ability to put all the people I love in one place.

But then I guess there would be less vacations and trips...
...and those happy airport/train station greetings I love so very much.

 -- especially when you show up wearing the same outfit. ;)

until next time,